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A round box containing a pirate jigsaw puzzle for children age 4+. The box has the jigsaw design on the front which is a pirate ship with 3 animal pirate characters.
The completed jigsaw puzzle with 2 pieces left to be inserted. The shape of the jigsaw are irregular rather than square or rectangular.
Completed pirate jigsaw puzzle.  There is an octopus and various animal pirate charaters including a crocodile and a parrot dressed as pirates. The shape of the jigsaw is irregular rather than square or rectangle

Children's Pirate Contour Jigsaw Puzzle - 29pc

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These beautifully high quality jigsaw pieces make a wonderful pirate scene with a difference!  The irregular contoured edges make this jigsaw unique and exciting, engaging young brains in an educational and fun activity. 

A wonderful gift for little ones, who will delight in the pirate scene whilst learning. 

29 pieces 

Dimensions when complete - 30cm x 21cm 

Age 4+