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About Us

 Hello.  I’m Kat, and I own BambooBeautiful.  I live on the edge of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales with my husband and two little girls, who at the time of writing, are 2 and 4. So life is wonderfully hectic, busy and quite simply weird at times! Both girls are hilarious little characters who keep us on our toes.

BambooBeautiful was born out of a desire to bring beautiful, sustainable products to people and their homes, that would serve a practical purpose and bring joy, with as little damage and pollution to our precious planet as possible.

I cannot claim to be zero-waste – I am completely in awe of people who are.  But we do try to make the right choices, and we do avoid needless consumption and waste.    It is so important to me to teach our girls about the responsibility they have towards the planet, and the difference they can and must make.  

I chose bamboo because it is simply incredible! Sustainable and fast growing - bamboo can grow up to 91cm in a day! - it doesn't need pesticides or herbicides or even irrigation to grow well.  It stores carbon dioxide, and produces 35% more oxygen than an equivalent area of trees.  The uses for bamboo are virtually endless - buildings, furniture, accessories, clothing and food to name just a few - it really is amazing!

I believe that when we do buy something new – whether for ourselves or for a gift, it is so important that it is as kind to the planet as possible.  Being so sustainable, bamboo ensures this, and means that you can enjoy your beautiful things safe in the knowledge that it is doing minimal damage to the planet.