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A jigsaw with an irregular shape rather being square or rectangle. The picture has space ships and flying saucers with alien characters in side them.  Planet earth is visible in the background.
The jigsaw nearly completed but with a couple of corner pieces missing.
The outer box, which is round with a picture of the space scene on the front - various space ships and flying saucers with alien characters inside them, and planet earth in the background.

Children's Space Contour Jigsaw Puzzle - 31pc

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These beautifully high quality jigsaw pieces will be loved by little ones as they make the space scene.  

The jigsaw has a unique shape which adds to the fun and the challenge of the puzzle.

A lovely gift for children around 4 years.

Educational, fun. 

Age 4+

Pieces - 31

Dimension when finished - 33cm x 29cm